Three Layer Polyethylene (3LPE) coating for onshore pipelines have been used in India since the early 1980’s and have reached a level of maturity. The combination of Gas barrier by FBE layer and moisture barrier with mechanical and UV protection by black PE layer makes it better than either standalone FBE or 2LPE coatings. Further developments in PE materials makes 3LPE coating suitable for a design temperature range of −50°C to +90°C which practically covers all the onshore Oil pipelines in all geographies with excellent outdoor weathering resistance. It has also been possible to provide end-to-end protection with new PO Melt film technology that can give “factory applied” quality girth weld coating on site with complete fusion of girth weld coating with the parent coating, making it a hermetically sealed pipeline. This paper also discusses couple of the failure and success stories of 3LPE coating and their analysis.

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