In line with the government of India’s philosophy of going green to reduce emission levels in cities there is a thrust to increase the gas distribution network. With an increase in CNG vehicles, comes the safety of the people and we need to ensure that Safety is not comprised at any level.

To follow the Safety aspect, CNG is an excellent alternate fuel which can be used to minimize risks and increase life of the vehicles. Since this gas is used at very high pressures (in the range of 230–250 bar) and under severe conditions, special tubing must be used for the transportation to gas stations and in the vehicles. Therefore, the tubing should be able to not only withstand high pressure of the gas within but also the corrosion issues arising due to the extreme conditions the tubes within.

Sandvik did an extensive study of the conditions and came up with a material which is specifically developed for this high pressure application. The high pressure line is of Stainless Steel 316L but this material comes with certain modifications for this particular requirement. In this tubing the C content is lowered to 0.025% for better corrosion resistance, Ni is min 13% along with Mo min 2.5% this makes sure that the material not only has sufficient passivation properties but the strength also to withstand that kind of a pressure. Alongside a special production route also has been developed for the manufacturing of these tubing. This ensures Safety for the people throughout the life of the vehicle.

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