Over the years the drilled river crossing industry has matured through important developments and advancements, extending the probability of achieving significantly longer crossings. Stronger rigs, higher quality drill pipe and smart intersect survey techniques are a few of the areas showing improvement. Executing a long length crossing involves a high competency level from personnel, high quality reliable equipment and general construction resources over a longer period of time as compared to a more standard HDD crossing. Consequently a relatively large financial investment is necessary and significant cash flow capabilities. This requires drilling companies to step up job preparation, planning and overall organisation and to follow a detailed scenario with each step of the operation assessed and engineered, tools and support equipment selected and arranged and checked with all work methods written down in detail. Providing an elaborate plan and organisation to guarantee maintenance and repair of all sorts of equipment on site with systems in place to stock, trace and deliver wear & tear parts at short notice. Preventing the operation coming to a standstill caused by technical problems.

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