Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) is operating its prestigious East-West Gas pipeline (EWPL), since 2008–2009; project comprising of 48” dia. 1375 km long trunk pipeline, with 11 nos of compressor stations and several spur lines of different diameters varying from 10” to 30”.

Cathodic Protection (CP) system for buried pipeline, piping and structures is critical for ensuring protection against external corrosion due to environmental interaction. For successful implementation of CP system from day one of pipeline laying; planning and considerations starts at conceptual stage of project itself, then proper planning, design and implementation to follow.

Other than considerable length and diameter of pipeline; uniqueness for EWPL CP requirements are in form of 3 nos. Micro-tunnel crossings, 11 nos of Compressor stations (CS) with underground piping, more than 100 cased crossings, several HDD, third-party pipelines, AC & DC Railway traction crossings and pipeline passing through different geography from East to West.

Paper discusses the implementation of CP system for EWPL; highlighting critical points for execution of the job in each phase from Engineering till commissioning and O&M, CS CP system, CP for pipe within Micro-tunnelling, several interference and mitigation actions, post-commissioning surveys etc.

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