Asymptotic crack-tip fields in an anisotropic plate under bending moments and transverse shear loads including the effect of transverse shear deformation is presented. Utilizing the Reissner variational principle, the equilibrium equations and stress resultant-displacement relations are obtained. Assuming the displacement and stress resultant are in a separation of variable form, it is found that the equations governing crack-tip fields of an anisotropic plate bending are analogous to those governing generalized plane deformation of a composite. Thus the Stroh formalism can be used to characterize the crack-tip fields of the anisotropic plate and the energy release rate can be expressed in a real form in terms of stress intensity factors. The degenerated case of isotropic plates is also presented. Finally, the coefficients of the asymptotic expansion can be obtained from the J-integral method and Betti’s reciprocal theorem together with the auxiliary fields.

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