Recently, many studies on surfactant solutions have been conducted for drag reduction in a circular pipe flow. However, currently there are very few studies on rotating disks in the solutions. In this study, drag reduction for an enclosed rotating disk in surfactant solutions was clarified experimentally. Experiments were carried out to measure the torque acting on one side of a rotating disk, using a torque measurement device located at the top of the rotating shaft. Test surfactant solutions were Ethoquad O/12 at concentrations of 50, 100 and 200ppm. The temperatures of solutions were 18°C and 28°C. The clearances between the disk and the stator were 10mm and 20mm. It was shown that the Reynolds number at the transition point increased with increasing concentration and temperature of these solutions. The maximum drag reduction ratio was about 41% in 200ppm Ethoquad O/12 solution at 28°C.

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