A steady-state model was developed to predict the performance of the high-pressure side of vapour-compression air-conditioning systems. The model consists of two segments; the compressor model and condenser model. The compressor model consists of a single empirical equation, for reciprocating compressors, operating with R-22, and having a cooling capacity from 2.6 to 3.5 kW. An important advantage of the approach is that the compressor performance indexes are based on operating conditions. The condenser model displays an exact method to determine physical dimensions of heat exchangers, and a simple, accurate manner to calculate the heat transfer variables. The correctness of the condensing temperature is obtained by an iterative procedure, using terms from both the compressor and condenser studies. The feasibility of the proposed model is demonstrated via a comparison with experimental data and a simulation study. Results indicate a good correlation between the mathematical model and its counterparts.

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