This paper presents an analytical and experimental evaluation of the applicability of insulated pressure vessels for hydrogen-fueled light-duty vehicles. Insulated pressure vessels are cryogenic-capable pressure vessels that can be fueled with liquid hydrogen (LH2) or ambient-temperature compressed hydrogen (CH2). Insulated pressure vessels offer the advantages of liquid hydrogen tanks (low weight and volume), with reduced disadvantages (lower energy requirement for hydrogen liquefaction and reduced evaporative losses).

The purpose of this work is to verify that commercially available aluminum-lined, fiber-wrapped vessels can be used for cryogenic hydrogen storage. The paper reports on previous and ongoing tests and analyses that have the purpose of improving the system design and assure its safety.

The analytical and experimental results carried out until now indicate that it may be possible to use fiber-wrapped aluminum-lined vessels for operation at LH2 temperature and high pressure. Required future tests are described that will assure vessel safety under daily operating conditions.

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