This paper describes methods and theories used to alter the attitudes and motivation of the 83,000 students of the New Orleans Public School system. The project attempts to affect systemic change in the study of science, mathematics, engineering and technology via development of a motivational and informational video series from live presentations at target schools. The city of New Orleans and the New Orleans Public School system are demographically 75% and 85% African-American, respectively, and there is an overwhelming need to expose the students to role models beyond athletes and entertainers. The author has developed a comprehensive program to assist the New Orleans Public School system in developing motivation and fostering positive attitudes toward education, in general, and the study of science, math, engineering and technology, in particular.

The program’s goal and vision are to convince students that they can be whatever they choose with math, science, engineering and technology as possible alternatives, presenting career opportunities well into the next century by developing the whole individual into a motivated, critical thinking human being with the ability to make life-sustaining decisions. The videos are based on successful theories and presentations the author has developed and presented. Students at target schools are pre- and post-tested to determine the presentations’ effectiveness.

The videos are aired continuously on community and educational access channels across the city, reaching over 300,000 homes. Furthermore, a presently functional web site whereby students receive additional information and resources in the all areas of education including science, math and engineering complements the video series.

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