We present the design, analysis, and testing of a tunable bi-stable MEMS device that changes state when subjected to a threshold force in the range of pN to μN. It consumes power during change of state, but not while maintaining a state. Depending on the design and tuning, the state change can be initiated by even a moderate power laser beam that generates force by the impacts of its photons. The device presents itself as a potential bistable multivibrator (flip-flop), as well as the basic component of combinational logic elements, such as AND and OR gates, thus opening the door for low power digital opto-mechanical computing in normal to harsh environments. Several designs of the combinational logic elements are provided for optomechanical computing. In addition to bi-stability, the device shows a rich and complex set of dynamical behavior (e.g., chaotic response) when subjected to certain parametric excitations.

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