Two types of one-inlet and four-outlets pneumatic microvalves for medical applications were fabricated and evaluated. Since the microvalves consist of a separable actuator part and a channel part, the channel part in which the sample liquid are introduced can be partly disposed. Both parts were fabricated using Si and polymer membrane. Two types of polymer membranes of silicone rubber and new cyclized perfluoro polymer (CPFP) were utilized in different types of microvalves for controlling high viscosity and low viscosity samples. In the case of the switching valve using silicone membrane, leakage was less than 0.01 μl/min (inlet pressure of 1mH2O) and the maximum open/closed flow ratio is larger than 105. These microvalves are useful in parallel and multi sensing systems. To achieve the monitoring the pneumatic actuation, integration of piezoresistive pressure sensors on the actuator part was also carried out.

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