Currently Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are being considered as an alternative to conventional automobiles in order to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. To demonstrate the potential of an advanced control strategy for HEV’s, a fuzzy logic control strategy has been developed and implemented in simulation in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s simulator Advisor (version 2.0.2). The Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) utilizes the electric motor in a parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to force the ICE (66KW Volkswagen TDI) to operate at or near its peak point of efficiency or at or near its best fuel economy. Results with advisor show that the vehicle with the Fuzzy Logic Controller can achieve (56) mpg in the city, while maintaining a state of charge of .68 for the battery pack, compared to (43) mpg for a conventional vehicle. This scheme has also brought to light various rules of thumb for the design and operation of HEV’s.

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