An experimental investigation of the water droplets impacting on horizontal wire screens at isothermal condition was conducted Mono-size droplets of 350 μm in diameter were generated using a piezoelectric droplet generator. For droplets impacting on coarse screens, they wetted the wires by forming thin liquid lumps. As these lumps of water film accumulated around the wires, dripping drops were produced on the bottom side of the wire. This phenomenon was very similar to the dripping drops from a single wire situation. For finer screens, the liquid film on the top surface permeated through the fine mesh openings and formed liquid ligaments at the bottom side of the screen. This ligament continued to grow in the form of a pendant drop. This situation resembled a dripping phenomenon from the bottom side of a flat surface. Eventually, when the weight of the pendant drop was large enough to overcome the surface tension effect associated with the contact surface of the screen, the drop detached from the wire and dripped off.

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