A method of measuring temperature fluctuations on a silicon wafer during boiling is described. The technique consists of building an array of diodes on a silicon wafer using VLSI techniques, and exploiting the fact that the forward voltage drop across a silicon diode typically is approximately proportional to the inverse of the absolute temperature of the diode. Once a calibration of voltage drop vs. temperature is obtained, the temperature of each diode can be obtained by scanning across the diode array. A 32 × 32 array of diodes (1024 diodes) has been built. Each diode in the array is nominally 100 μm × 100 μm in size. A circuit capable of scanning this diode array at speeds up to 2.5 MHz was also designed, built, and tested. The entire array can be sampled at speeds up to about 2.5 kHz. Construction of the diode array, the circuit, and some preliminary results are described.

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