A scheme to represent local heat transfer data in submerged two-dimensional (slot) and axisymmetric (radial) reattachment jet flows is presented. A characteristic length that relates to the jet path length facilitates the representation of heat transfer results in a proper form. A detailed parametric study of the 0° Slot Jet Reattachment (SJR) nozzle is initially presented. The parameters varied are nozzle to surface spacing, exit opening, and the flow exit Reynolds number. Correlations for the location of peak Nusselt number, and local Nusselt number distribution along the minor axis of the 0° SJR nozzles are provided. The dimensionless scheme is then extended to incorporate the effects of different exit angles. A modified correlation to represent the location of peak local Nusselt number to account for changes due to exit angle is determined. The same length scale is also shown to adequately represent the heat transfer data for a Radial Jet Reattachment (RJR) nozzle.

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