The vibration of the cutting tool in a turning process is known to have detrimental effects on the surface finish of machined parts. For a given cutting condition, better surface finish can be achieved by suppressing the vibration. In this paper, an active vibration control system for a turning process is presented. The system employs a magnetostrictive actuator to suppress the vibration caused by random excitation in the turning process. The magnetostrictive actuator and sensors are integrated into a specially designed tool holder. A model that accounts for both the dynamics of the cutting process and the tool holder is described. Based on the model, a controller is designed for the tool holder by μ-synthesis method. The effectiveness of the vibration control system is evaluated via impulse response tests and a series of cutting experiments. Frequency response results from the impulse response tests showed that the actively controlled tool holder effectively reduced the vibration of the cutting tool. In the cutting experiments with the tool holder, surface profiles with/without vibration control were collected and studied. It is shown that the system can improve the surface texture generated by the turning process.

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