An experimental program has been conducted to characterize the behavior of a series of highly porous, reticulated metal/ceramic foams composed of silicon carbide. Using information from the manufacturer, an expression was developed by which the volumetric porosity was determined. The range of porosities investigated was 0.72 to 0.90 for most materials investigated.

Flow experiments were conducted to determine the pressure loss as a function of the pore Reynolds number. By implementing a form of the Kozeny-Carman equation for viscous pressure loss, the specific surface area was determined from low flow rate measurements. Air was blown through a 2” diameter circular cylinder of porous media of varying lengths. The mass flow rate and pressure difference were measured under steady flow conditions. Based upon a Reynolds-Forchheimer representation of the pressure loss, these measurements allowed for determination of the viscous and inertial pressure loss coefficients. Based upon these results, a series of expressions for the Fanning friction factor as a function of pore Reynolds number are proposed for this class of porous media.

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