The Gas engine driven Heat Pump (GHP) basically consists of a reversible vapour compression heat pump with an open compressor, driven by an internal combustion gas fueled engine instead of an electric engine.

The possibility of recovering waste engine heat via a jacket and an exhaust heat exchanger, together with the use of an alternative engine closely follows the heating building load varying the engine speed continuously, can be regarded as the most important peculiarities of this equipment: these features allow higher performances and lower running costs than Electric Heat Pump (EHP).

In this paper the results of the study and research performed by the DETEC Department of the FEDERICO II University of Naples are reported; the main goal of the research was the assessment of the on-site small GHP performance but, a wider analysis on GHP was performed, covering some related topics: the historical development and market situation, the reasons for GHP use, and finally, the metrological and performances analysis.

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