Using the J2 flow theory of plasticity and within the small-strain framework, full-field finite element solutions are obtained for both deep and shallow crack geometries of single edge notch bar under pure bending [SEN(B)] and central cracked panel in uniform tension [CC(T)]. These crack-tip stresses are compared with those in the HRR singularity fields and the J-A2 three-term asymptotic solutions at the same level of applied J. The comparison indicates that the size of the region dominated by the J-A2 three-term solution is much larger than that of the HRR field around the crack tip. Except for deep crack SEN(B) in low hardening material (e.g. n = 10 ) under fully plastic conditions, the numerical results near the crack tip in both SEN(B) and CC(T) match very well with the J-A2 three-term solutions in the area of interest 1 < r / (J / σ0) < 5 from well-contained to large scale plasticity. The implications of these results on the minimal specimen size requirements essential to a two-parameter fracture testing based on the J-A2 three-term asymptotic solution are then discussed.

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