Prediction of the shape of solder joint has drawn special attention in the development of electronic packaging for it’s practical engineering application. Many solder joint models have been developed based on energy minimization principle or analytical method. These methods are extensively utilized to the shape design of solder joint. However, one would find It is important to find a suitable method in real case application. In this study, numerical methods used to predict the shape of solder joint are investigated and compared. The change of geometric shape with respect to different parameters of solder joint are also discussed in this paper. The influence of the geometric parameters such as volumes of solder joint, package weight, contact angles, pad sizes, solder surface tension, and gravity forces to the shape of solder joint are investigated. Results presented in this study can be used to determined the optimal balanced stand-off height of Single Ball Module (SBM) or Multiple Ball Module (MBM) solder joint models.

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