In this paper, a damage mechanics model is described for determining progressive damage process of unidirectional graphite/epoxy composite plates containing a central hole subjected to off-axis uniaxial tension. The inelastic behavior of these composite materials is attributed to the irreversible thermodynamics processes involving energy dissipation and stiffness variation caused by damage initiation and accumulation. The mechanical response of the composites is investigated by using a nonlinear finite element procedure formulated with a set of damage coupled constitutive equations. Separate damage criteria are derived for fiber failure and for matrix or fiber/matrix interaction failure in unidirectional composites. Validation of the damage model is achieved by comparing the numerical prediction and experimental data obtained from Moiré interferometry technique. It has been found that failure of the composite material near the hole region takes the form of an extensive damage zone. The macrocrack initiates at the material point near the hole boundary with high damage value and propagates along the direction of damage zone extension. Preliminary results indicate that the proposed damage model is an effective method of studying progressive failure behavior of unidirectional composite laminates containing a circular hole and can be readily extended to examine the damage response of composite structures.

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