Delamination in composite laminates can cause buckling of the debonded layer; the subsequent delamination cracking can in turn be buckle-driven. To aid the failure analysis of composite structures, this article presents a critical review of analytic solutions for buckling of rectangular, orthotropic thin plates. Considered are plates with all edges simply supported, two edges simply supported/two edges clamped, and all edges clamped. The material orthotropy is characterized by two non-dimensional parameters, λ = D22/D11 and η=(D12+2D66)/D11D22. Systematic comparisons with finite element results are made for the critical buckling load of a plate under in-plane uniaxial compression. It is found that for plates with all edges clamped, the analytic solution for critical buckling load is neither accurate nor conservative. Buckling of orthotropic plates with other boundary conditions is briefly discussed.

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