The ‘fuzzy structure’ approach proposed by Soize for the analysis of the effects of complex internal structure has been formulated in terms of Feynman diagrams for the case of a large fluid loaded plate. We have derived the Feynman rules both in real space and wavenumber space for the case in which the internals are simple oscillators distributed uniformly and independently in both space and frequency. With the method of calculation established, the mean Green’s function is evaluated to 3rd order in the perturbation expansion to illustrate the ease with which results can be obtained via this technique. The calculation demonstrates that the scattering effects due to the internal structure introduce damping (of a sort) and in addition exposes the parameter which must be quite small in order for low order calculations (e.g. zeroth order) to be meaningful: The ratio of the mass of a single oscillator to the mass which ‘rigidly’ supports the oscillator.

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