Online error detection helps to reduce the risk of failure of safety-critical systems. However, due to the increasing complexity of modern Cyber-Physical Systems and the sophisticated interaction of their heterogeneous components, it becomes harder to apply traditional error detection methods. Nowadays, the popularity of Deep Learning-based error detection snowballs. DL-based methods achieved significant progress along with better results. This paper introduces the KrakenBox, a deep learning-based error detector for industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). It provides conceptual and technical details of the KrakenBox hardware, software, and a case study. The KrakenBox hardware is based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, designed to empower the deep learning-based application and the extended alarm module. The KrakenBox software consists of several programs capable of collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing time-series data. The KrakenBox can be connected to the networked automation system either via Ethernet or wirelessly. The paper presents the KrakenBox architecture and results of experiments that allow the evaluation of the error detection performance for varying error magnitude. The results of these experiments demonstrate that the KrakenBox is able to improve the safety of a networked automation system.

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