Romania, as part of the EU has adopted new legislation concerning international energetic exchanges, based on the rules of cooperation. This paper illustrates some new concepts and essential steps in engineering education and beyond. International rules and their implementation at national level need to be adapted to the new financial and economic realities, quite important, especially in the actual economic pandemic context. All rules and regulations are based on the market economy interconnected to the international grids, necessary in the development of business opportunities. The second part presents the analysis of the target market segmentation, based on possible new criteria. Given the objectives of analyzing attractiveness and competitiveness, the advantages of being an educated engineer based on the selection of the strategy choice are determined. Success depends on the ability to understand and generate customers. The analysis of the strategic role of small developer management to ensure competitiveness and economic efficiency is also mentioned. All new graduates, master or doctoral students specialists in power engineering will have to deal with the new strategic objectives of investments, new legislation and trends as solutions to minimize global warming, increase energy efficiency, utilization of renewable resources, and environmental protection.

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