Wind and solar energies are promising renewable energy technologies, in which hybrid renewable energy systems are gained much attention in remote area locations. The present study proposes the design and energy flow management of stand-alone hybrid wind and solar energy systems. Fuel cells and batteries are used as backup resources, so it ensures the load is unceasingly provided. An electrolyzer is used to generate hydrogen from excess energy requirements. First, Mathematical modeling of hybrid system components, including photovoltaics, wind turbines, fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers, is provided. Hence, we have developed a novel energy flow management algorithm, which intelligently controls the energy flow management system using a fuzzy logic control system. We have compared the performance of the novel energy management system with the conventional approach. Our novel approach will prevent these systems from being hit, and system upgrades will be enhanced during startup. In the conventional power management system, the voltage overshoot of the on-off controller is 425 V. At the same time, the fuzzy logic control reaches 405 V. The controller’s on-off time is 31.1 seconds, but this is 0.041 for the fuzzy logic controller, which is much more stable.

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