In recent decades in Romania, many power plants have been built using renewable resources. We are now facing new challenges related to electricity transmission lines, which need to be adapted to these new conditions. A complex and extensive solution associated with the rehabilitation of the existing network system, based on new reliability concepts, is analyzed. Energy management must be adapted to these new parameters imposed by electricity consumption. Some aspects of modernization activities that cover new technologies, equipment and installations, but also the maintenance and ongoing management of existing installations are illustrated. A multi-stage algorithm of this congestion management is proposed, starting from the available transport capacity between two nodes or between two interconnected areas. This algorithm also provides a method for classifying problems that go as far as disconnecting the generating units, starting with the worst case. A redistribution solution is proposed depending on the local power generated. As a case study, the situation at Lacu Sarat station is presented correlated with the main causes that generated incidents. A solution is recommended to minimize the load in the nodes by redistribution, due to the problems encountered by connecting the new wind farm built nearby.

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