This paper presents design, analysis, manufacturing, and prototyping of an electric pollen extractor. The design project is based on a request from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to build a machine for extracting pollen from tree catkins. The machine designed at a low cost can shake off pollen from catkins cleaner and faster than other devices. The extractor can shake the pollen and clean the seeds faster by assembling a 6-volt DC gearbox motor, a drive wheel to stabilize the rotation of the extractor, and a vibrator to help shaking the pollen during the filtration process. The design idea is modeled in Autodesk Inventor and safety-factor-based design calculations are carried out, mechatronic circuits are designed and further CFD and FEA simulations are performed in Ansys to verify the validity of the design. The rotational speed of the extractor is selected based on the required motion for particles. After completion of the preliminary analysis, the design changes are passed through another round of testing. The first round of testing produced a positive change, eliminating some material, and lowering cost. Second round showed promising results with speeding up extraction time. Final design, prototype and successful testing results of the extractor is presented in the paper with concluding remarks and future work.

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