The feasibility of the applications of additively manufactured, i.e., electron beam melted (EBM), titanium parts requires acceptable tribological properties alongside acceptable mechanical and fatigue properties. Investigations on the tribological properties of EBM titanium are very limited. This paper aims to study the erosion behavior of as-built and machined EBM Ti6Al4V at two built orientations, i.e., XZ (0°) and YZ (90°). EBM fabricated Ti6Al4V specimens were subjected to silica particle impingement at 30°, 60°, and 90° angle of attacks. The mass removal was recorded, and volumetric removal was measured using an optical profiler. The erosion scars generated on as-built and machined Ti6Al4V plate were inspected through scanning electron microscopy to study the erosion mechanism at these two built orientations. Experimental results show that the erosion behavior of EBM Ti6Al4V is significantly influenced by built orientation. XZ (0°) plates show more erosion resistance due to better solidification. The erosion mechanism is discussed in detail.

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