The modern world progressively demands more energy; according to forecasts energy consumption will grow at an average annual rate of 3 percent. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase products or devices that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Technology in LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is presented as an alternative to energy saving, since LEDs have proven to be extremely efficient, have a long service life and their cost-effective ratio is very good. However, the heat emitted by the LED chip must be dissipated effectively, since the overheating of the chip reduces the efficiency and lifetime of the lamp. Therefore, heat sinks that are reliable, efficient and inexpensive should be designed and built. The present work proposes new designs for heat sinks in LED lamps, some of the models in the design of the fins refer to the Fibonacci series. The models proposed in the present work that have a significant advantage are the Type 1E Model (5.2% mass savings and better thermal efficiency of 8.33%), GR Type 1 Model (3.12% lighter and 3.33% more efficient) and the GRL Type Model (4. 51% mass savings and 5.55% thermally more efficient) compared to the Type 2 Reference Model proposed by Jang et al. [12].

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