Solidification consists of three stages at macroscale: subcooling, freezing and cooling. Classical two-phase Stefan problems describe freezing (or melting) phenomenon initially not at the fusion temperature. Since these problems only define subcooling and freezing stages, an extension to characterize the cooling stage is required to complete solidification. However, the moving boundary in solid-liquid interface is highly nonlinear, and thus exact solution is restricted to certain domains and boundary conditions. It is therefore vital to develop approximate analytical solutions based on physically tangible assumptions, like a small Stefan number. This paper proposes an asymptotic solution for a Stefan-like problem subject to a convective boundary for outward solidification in a hollow cylinder. By assuming a small Stefan number, three temporal regimes and four spatial layers are considered in the asymptotic analysis. The results are compared with numerical method. Further, effects of Biot numbers are also investigated regarding interface motion and temperature profile.

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