Hydraulic ram pump offers electricity-free, low-cost and reliable way to supply water to a higher elevation. The goal of this study was to modify the existing hydraulic ram pump system to improve its overall performance. In the present work, the effects of adding a second drive pipe to a common pressure chamber of the existing ram pump unit were studied. Notably, the other components remained the same throughout all experiments. It was hypothesized that the addition of second drive pipe should increase the amount of water delivered by the pump and overall yield a better result in terms of pump’s volumetric efficiency and energy efficiency. Building on previous findings, all testing conducted during our research was completed using an optimal drive pipe inclination angle of 67.5°, with a pipe length of 4.8 ft, and a delivery pipe height of 10′8″. Using these initial conditions, and a single drive pipe, resulted in a maximum efficiency of 8%. Test runs with an additional drive pipe of the same length and inclination and with modifying the waste and check valve showed a considerable increase in the pump’s efficiency, up to 22%. Remarkably, the delivery flow rate increased by as much as 340%.

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