In order to ensure stiffness and wear resistance of joint surface, injection-molded long-glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (IMLGFT) composite wheel is installed on hub or metal table of wheel test bench by fastening bolts through metal connectors. Firstly, the structure of composite wheels with metal connectors is simplified. Then the strength analysis is carried out to test the two kinds of simplified models by using superposed beams theory and ABAQUS finite element software respectively based on the wheel bending fatigue test. In addition, the stress conditions of the wheel using the metal insert or the metal clamp plate are compared. The results show that two structural forms of metal connectors have protective effect on the composite parts of the wheel, and the protective effect of metal clamp plate connector on composite parts is better than that of metal insert connector. The research results provide guidance for the metal connector design of IMLGFT composite wheel.

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