The Smart Pipeline Monitoring System introduced in this paper demonstrates a proof-of-concept for replicating a full-scale water pipeline system that is able to monitor the pipeline health and respond to hazard conditions through the use of multiple sensors and a statistical monitoring control strategy. The system aims at mitigating the effects of common sources of damage that occur in pipelines, such as leaks and overheating, by offering real time data visualization and autonomous actions in case of emergencies. The data visualization is provided by a desktop user interface and a mobile application. In the case of a detected anomaly, described by out-of-bounds/out-of-statistical control conditions detected by the sensors, the system is programmed to shut off its pump and alert the supervisors by SMS instantly. The proposed monitoring system will enhance remote pipeline monitoring and structural safety by offering real-time data and automatic emergency response capabilities. Our experimental results and prototype implementation show that the proposed system effectively detects anomaly conditions under various realistic scenarios and takes necessary safety measures to prevent further damages.

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