This paper presents a numerical investigation on strain properties of Ti6Al4V alloy processed by constrained bending and straightening (CBS) severe plastic deformation (SPD) technique. CBS is a new SPD method that has been proposed to enhance continuous processing of metal sheets and improve magnitude and homogeneity of induced properties such as strain. The model considers a rectangular sheet of Ti6Al4V alloy processed with CBS at 2, 4 passes denoted as N2, N4 each combined with 10, 5, 3 mm feed length denoted as F10, F5, F3 respectively. ABAQUS Standard FEA Software was used to simulate and investigate the magnitude and homogeneity of equivalent plastic (EP) strain induced in material. Results show that for all feeds, magnitude values of EP strain at N4 passes were higher than those at N2 passes. The magnitude of EP strain increased with the number of passes. Values of both magnitude and homogeneity of EP strain were highest at F3 feed followed by those at F5 and F10 feeds respectively. The study has promised that CBS is the potential process for continuous production of metal sheets with improved EP strain magnitude and homogeneity.

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