The CCR (Continuous Catalytic Reforming) Platforming™ process is Honeywell UOP’s technology to convert low octane naphtha to high octane fuel or petrochemical feedstock such as aromatics. It is accomplished in a hydrogen atmosphere at elevated temperature and pressure across a platinum containing catalyst. The process flow is routed through heaters, blowers and coolers between reactors to maintain the heat of reaction. This article captures the procedure of selecting a suitable expansion joint for absorbing thermal movement between two important pieces of CCR equipment — the regeneration cooler and regeneration blower. It shows the design calculations of a universal hinged expansion joint operating at 0.14 MPa and 593°C in a pipe of 762mm diameter. The joint contains 5 single-ply INCOLOY 800H bellows with unreinforced convolutions. Design calculations of the expansion joint have been carried out using formulae prescribed in the Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association (EJMA) standard. Since it is difficult to quantify stresses using a movement test, the EJMA calculations have been verified against finite element analysis results of the bellows.

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