The braking performance of the vehicle directly affects the driving safety. Because of the different number of brake pistons and the wear of the brake pads, the distribution of braking pressure will be uneven, which will affect the distribution of temperature field and stress field during braking, then affect the thermal fatigue life of brake discs. Therefore, in this paper, the static tensile and compressive tests of gray cast iron HT200 samples cut from vehicle brake discs are carried out at −25°C, room temperature (25°C) and 500°C, and the stress-strain curves are analyzed to obtain mechanical properties such as strength limit, elastic modulus and so on at the temperature. Based on these parameters, the finite element software ABAQUS is used to simulate the single emergency braking condition. The thermal-structural coupling simulation of brake disc is carried out to study the influences of uneven brake pressure distribution on the temperature and stress fields of brake disc, which lays a foundation for the thermal fatigue life evaluation of brake disc.

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