Increased in thermo-physical properties of molten salt nanofluids have been reported. These findings makes molten salts nanofluids one of the most promising thermal energy storage media. One of the main application of these types of materials are in concentrated solar power plants. In this study, an investigation is performed on nanofluids specific heat capacity mechanisms in order to provide a reasonable description of the specific heat capacity enhancement of nanofluids. Then, a comprehensive experiments are performed on the effects of nanoparticles concentration on the specific heat capacity and materials characterization of molten salt nanofluids. This study is performed to analyze the optimum amount of nanoparticle and find the way to maximize the effects of nanoparticle on thermophysical properties of molten slat. Different molten salts nanofluids with varying nanoparticles concentration were synthesized. The specific heat capacities of mixtures were measured by a modulated scanning calorimeter. Moreover, the material characterization analyses were performed using scanning electron microscopy to investigate the micro-structural characterization of different nanofluids.

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