Daylight is utilized in a green building to minimize the energy usage and maximize the comfort of the residents. Daylight provides the comfort to the residents by naturally illuminating the interior space, and reduces energy consumed by artificial lightings. However, daylight increases the energy for cooling, and discomfort visual condition. Two panels with square holes are installed externally on a west-facing façade window. The perforation ratio of panels is 25%, and all experimental measurements are conducted in June. When no solar perforated panel in installed, measured illuminance in the room reaches as high as 13,000 Lux, and with a one solar perforated panel is installed, the peak illuminance in the room is decreased 90%. If the second solar perforated panel is installed, the illuminance in the room becomes uniform, and around 200 Lux. Moreover, the illuminance is nearly independent with time, between 2 PM and 5 PM.

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