Array jet impingement heat transfer onto thin metal foams of different pore densities has been experimentally investigated in the current study. Aluminum foams with high porosity (93%) and different pore densities of 5, 20 and 40 ppi are subjected to array jet impingement under an intermediate crossflow exit scheme. The jets are arranged such that the streamwise jet-to-jet spacing is x/dj = 8 and spanwise jet-to-jet spacing is y/dj = 4. Jet to target plate spacing was maintained at z/dj = 6 where ‘z’ is the distance between the jet plate and the target surface on which metal foams were installed. A steady state heat transfer technique has been used to obtain local heat transfer coefficients along the streamwise direction. It is observed that heat transfer enhancement levels increase as pore density increases. An enhancement of 50–100% over the baseline case of impingement onto smooth surface is obtained over the flow range tested (3000 < Redj < 12000). At a constant pumping power of 40 W, an enhancement of 26–33% is obtained for the different pore densities tested.

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