Efficient utilization of solar energy can be a sustainable technology for wastewater treatment and desalination of seawater. However, the methods and optical concentrators used in the current process of treatments are hindering the application due to its high cost and low efficiencies. Here, we demonstrate a scalable approach for treating fertilized wastewater using acid treated carbon foam of different porosities at 1 Sun (1 kW/m2) solar illuminations by avoiding heat losses. This solar heat-localized distillation approach may be used independently or in connection with an existing active distillation method. In this approach, we incorporate the heat localization process to accelerate the evaporation rates of the liquid and then condense the vapor, thereby collecting distilled liquid. Various potential applications of this method include seawater desalination and water reclamation. In this paper, we will report the evaporation rates of fertilized water used in hydroponic greenhouses to analyze the distillation rate and quality of water obtained from evaporating and condensing for reusability.

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