Global warming and climate change have been considered as major challenges over the past few decades. Sustainable and renewable energy sources are nowadays needed to overcome the undesirable consequences of rapid development in the world. Phase change materials (PCM) are substances with high latent heat storage capacity which absorb or release the heat from or to the surrounding environment. They change from solid to liquid and vice versa. PCMs could be used as a passive cooling method which enhances energy efficiency in buildings. Integrating PCM with natural ventilation is investigated in this study by exploring the effect of phase change material on the temperature in a room fitted with a windcatcher. A chamber made of acrylic sheets fitted with a windcatcher is used to monitor the temperature variations. The dimensions of the chamber are 1250 × 1000 × 750 mm3. Phase change material is integrated respectively at the walls of the room, its floor and ceiling and within the windcatchers inlet channel. Temperature is measured at different locations inside the chamber. Wind is blown through the room using a fan with heating elements.

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