Solar thermal power is considered one of the most promising renewable energy resources that has witnessed a great technological improvement in the last two decades. Saudi Arabia has very intensive solar radiation because it is located in the sun belt region, which has led it to become one of the largest solar energy producers. In this paper, detailed exergy analysis of a solar-biogas hybrid micro gas turbine for power generation is presented. The system is driven by a central receiver and biogas as backup based on the hybridization technique. The net power output of the system is set to 100 kW. This study demonstrates that the highest exergy destruction occurs in the recuperatore and ceramic heat exchanger, about 22.6% and 22.5%, respectively, and that is due to the high entropy generation and the irreversibilities in these components. Moreover, the exergy destruction for all system components was examined at different environment temperatures. The study revealed that the exergy destruction for compressor, regenerator, and receiver decreases with an increase in the environment temperature, but the exergy destruction increases for turbine and heliostats field.

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