A major challenge in designing a perfect invisibility cloak for elastic waves is that density and elasticity tensors need to be independent functions of its radius with a linear transformation medium. The traditional cloak for out-of-plane shear waves in membranes exhibits material properties with inhomogeneous and anisotropic shear moduli and densities, which yields a poor or even negative cloaking efficiency. This paper presents design of a cylindrical cloak for shear waves based on a nonlinear transformation. This excellent broadband nonlinear cloak only requires variation of its shear modulus, while the density in the cloak region remains unchanged. The nonlinear ray trajectory equation for out-of-plane shear waves is derived and a parameter to adjust the efficiency of the cylindrical cloak is introduced. Qualities of the nonlinear invisibility cloak are discussed by comparison with those of a cloak with the linear transformation. Numerical examples show that the nonlinear cloak is more effective for shielding out-of-plane shear waves from outside the cloak than the linear cloak and illustrate that the nonlinear cloak for shear waves remains highly efficient in a broad frequency range. The proposed nonlinear transformation in conjunction with ray trajectory equations can also be used to design nonlinear cloaks for other elastic waves.

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