In this paper, utilizing the analytical equations of motion for a base-moving Stewart platform, we design an active wave compensation system for a surgery table installed on the top plate of a Stewart platform in a ship. In our medical application, the base plate of a Stewart platform moves with the motion of the ship. For a base-moving Stewart platform, we presented analytical equations of motion in matrix form in the paper: IMECE2018-87253. The objective of the platform is to compensate the pitching, rolling, and heaving motions of the ship (with respect to an inertial coordinate system).

As control methods for the nonlinear system, we employ a hybrid controller combining resolved acceleration control with H control, and integral sliding mode control (ISMC). The ISMC with input time delay is also designed with a state predictor, which includes a ship motion predictor utilizing an autoregressive model.

Finally, to assess the control performance and robustness for the system with uncertainties, numerical simulations are presented. In addition, the simulation results of the predictor based ISMC for the system with input time delay are illustrated showing the effectiveness of the controller.

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