This paper investigates the construction, instrumentation, and dynamical modeling of a coupled three degrees of freedom compliant parallel arm mechanism. The compliant parallel arm, whose complete construction is carried out using 3D printing of polylactide (PLA) filaments, is a folded beam type mechanism, which is comprised of one primary and two secondary masses connected to two large deflecting beams. Dynamical model of the complete mechanism is obtained using Elastica Theory, where the large deflecting beams are considered as fixed-free cantilever beams subjected to a vertical tip load. Nonlinear load deflection curve, which is derived from the solutions of elliptical integrals, is approximated by a high-order polynomial function. Finally, the dynamics of the complete mechanism is derived using a classical lumped mass-spring-damper second order system. A linear actuator, PCB triaxial accelerometers, two laser displacement sensors and Arduino are utilized to gather acceleration and position information of each mass to identify the parameters of the lumped second order model using the offline Elastica Theory-based approach and polynomial fitting method. Numerical and experimental results verify the effectiveness of the proposed parameter identification schemes. Since system is nonlinear, state feedback linearization approach is adapted to linearize system equations at all operating points to control the trajectory of primary mass using a PID controller.

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