The paper discusses the opportunities and challenges in a decentralized global manufacturing network infrastructure for international load sharing (ILS) envisaged for customized manufacturing. This is proposed to leverage Industry 4.0 factories to improve manufacturing throughput for worldwide orders. Smart manufactures are identified within IIoT worldwide subject to key specifications and performance. A business protocol is proposed to connect all manufacturing centers worldwide assuming their fitness to paradigm of industry 4.0 and utilizing technologies e.g. cloud computing, big-data management, condition and in-process based monitoring.

The business protocol will support the ILS and manage the international orders for manufacturing products under specific requirements as a new concept compared to manual specific one. This not only allows customers to access worldwide facilities under cost, but also allows them to monitor the progress of production and related quality in real time because of IIoT. This proposed trend will lead to new investment opportunities for executives, as they will be able to sell manufacturing as a service while being connected to network from anywhere. Purchasing with online bidding, progress tracking, quick delivery and efficient routing will improve customer satisfaction.

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