This work proposes a method to simulate wheel lock of a Heavy Commercial Road Vehicle (HCRV) using pneumatic brake circuit on a brake dynamometer. The proposed methodology lumps the effects of wheel slip and load transfer during straight-line braking into ‘equivalent inertia’ on the wheels. This inertia profile could then be imported on a dynamometer interface and realized using suitable inertia discs and an electric motor. Equivalent inertia was computed from test datasets obtained from a Hardware-in-Loop (HiL) experimental system consisting of an air brake system and IPG TruckMaker®, a vehicle dynamic simulation software. These datasets were obtained for various road, vehicle load and braking conditions. This framework would facilitate the evaluation of wheel slip regulation algorithms using a brake dynamometer by capturing necessary dynamics of HCRVs during braking. It is expected that such testing can be placed between HiL and on-road tests, and would provide greater confidence in Active Safety Systems (ASSs) before their deployment on vehicles.

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