User-centered product design (UCPD) and especially its methods and tools offer a lot of benefits to product development. By using specific data of the user group or by including them into the design process, systems with better functionality and usability arise. However, including the users in an optimum manner means to include them over the whole product development process, which is costly and often too time-consuming regarding the ever shorter product life cycles. An extensive application of UCPD methods is therefore usually not practical for industry.

In order to (1) support the user-centered development process in general and (2) support the selection of appropriate UCPD methods, a multi-channel human-system interaction framework is proposed. It is derived from existing human-computer and human-machine interaction models and further includes additional factors influencing the human-system interaction. However, the framework itself needs further and more detailed elaboration and discussion and currently lacks an allocation of UCPD methods.

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