A multiphysics Internal State Variable (ISV) theory that couples the thermoelastoviscoplastic damage model of Bammann-Horstemeyer with electricity-related electromagnetic phenomena is presented in which the kinematics, thermodynamics, and kinetics are internally consistent. An extended multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient that accounts for elasticity, plasticity, damage, thermal expansion, electricity, and magnetism is introduced. The different geometrically-affected rate equations are given for each phenomenon after the ISV formalism and have a thermodynamic force pair that acts as an internal stress-like quantity. Guidelines for practical implementation, recommendations for simplifying assumptions, and suggestions for future work supplement the theoretical model. The abstraction of the model can capture the full multi-physics described above; however, the robustness of the model is realized when any of the listed phenomena are not included in the boundary value problem, the model reduces to the previous form — the model will revert to the Bammann-Horstemeyer plasticity-damage ISV model.

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